5 Vacation Rental Blunders You’ll Want to Avoid

5 Vacation Rental Blunders You’ll Want to Avoid

  • Frank Clark
  • 07/13/23

Located on the southwestern coast of Oahu, Ko Olina is a luxury resort community offering world-class amenities. Residents can access upscale restaurants, full-service spas, and championship golf courses. Along the coast are stunning beaches perfect for swimming, boating, snorkeling, diving, surfing, and paddleboarding. To the north, the Makua Valle, Makua Keaʻau Forest Reserve, and Kaena Point State Park offer networks of coastal hiking trails perfect for exploring.

There are numerous master-planned residential communities in the area, many of which allow homeowners to utilize their homes as Ko Olina vacation rentals. Short-term and long-term choices are available, and guests get access to resort facilities and services. You can find anywhere from studio units to large villas to accommodate small and large groups. Some accommodations include special amenities, such as a private pool or oceanfront lanai. With a wide range of options, guests can curate the rental to suit their vacation needs. To help you plan the perfect getaway, here are five vacation rental blunders you’ll want to avoid.

1. Not getting a place that’s big enough

One common mistake when booking a vacation rental is not selecting a property that adequately accommodates the number of guests in your group. Insufficient bedrooms and bathrooms can hamper everyone’s vacation. Guests who have to share beds or sleep in makeshift sleeping areas may suffer from poor sleep. The lack of privacy can also be a big issue for many people. Sharing a bathroom can be time-consuming as everyone must take turns when they need to shower and prepare for daily activities. Cramped spaces can make everyone irritable, and you’ll have difficulty hosting additional guests.

To avoid these challenges, consider the number of guests you will be staying with. Make sure to pick a vacation rental with sufficient bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas to accommodate everyone. Ko Olina has a range of vacation rentals to suit small and large parties. Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club has studio rentals perfect for couples and one to three-bedroom suites for larger groups or families. The Beach Villas at Ko Olina have spacious two to three-bedroom villas with panoramic ocean views, private lanais, and gourmet kitchens.

2. Not choosing a good location

Not checking the location of your vacation rental can lead to challenges and disappointments. While some guests may prefer more secluded hideaways, others may want to be within walking distance of shopping plazas and restaurants for convenience. The rental’s proximity to the specific attractions and points of interest is also important. Some guests may want an oceanfront rental because they want to be near the water. Other guests may want to be near one of the numerous golf courses in Ko Olina.

If you’re a vacation rental owner, list what amenities are close to your property and the distance to them. You should also include the distances to the airport, the harbor, entertainment venues, and any other landmarks guests might be interested in. If the rental is not located near specific attractions, guests will face significant travel time, inconvenience, and, ultimately, a poor experience.

3. Not considering the amenities

When looking at vacation rentals, carefully review the list of amenities. Most guests choose vacation rentals over traditional hotels because of the amenities. These may include a fully-equipped kitchen, living and dining rooms, laundry facilities, a private pool, and outdoor spaces. Some guests also look for entertainment options such as TV, cable, streaming services, and a sound system. As a guest, find out everything your vacation rental has before you arrive. Make sure they meet your needs and preferences. If anything is missing, such as a blow dryer, you can request one or bring one yourself.

If you are a vacation rental owner, make sure to have a complete list of amenities on your vacation listing. List essential necessities, such as air-conditioning and appliances. Include factors such as parking, security cameras, and community amenities your guests can access, such as fitness centers, sports facilities, pools, and saunas. Provide a comprehensive list and accurate descriptions of your vacation rental. These will be helpful to prospective guests.

4. Not reviewing the policies

As a guest, carefully read the rental agreement, terms, and conditions. Take note of the cancellation policies, security deposits, utility charges, and cleaning fees. Typically, there will be specific times and procedures to check in and check out. Common restrictions may be the maximum number of guests allowed, the minimum number of nights you have to stay, and “no pet” policies.

If you’re the vacation rental owner, clearly outline your rental policies and procedures. State the specific check-in and check-out times. The rental agreements should include clear rules and regulations that guests must adhere to, such as the use of amenities, noise level, parking, and the number of guests allowed. Be transparent about additional fees you may or will charge, such as the cleaning fee, extra person fee, and fees for early check-in or late check-out.

5. Ignoring the reviews

Guest reviews are a great source of unbiased information. They can provide insights about the property, including the amenities and attractions other guests have enjoyed the most. They often mention the condition of the cleanliness of the rental property and highlight any potential issues. As a guest, you can check to ensure the reviews match the property descriptions.

As a vacation rental owner, you should take the time to go over the reviews guests have made. You can include positive reviews in your testimonials and address negative ones. Guest reviews can let you know of any property issues you may have even been aware of, as well as give you insight into what you can do to improve the overall guest experience.

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